English Book Review / Collaboration: “L’Odissea di Alessandro” by Yvan Argeadi

Hello everyone, you are on Alessandro III di Macedonia- your source about Alexander the Great. The other day yesterday I finally read an italian book that I was curious to read because it’s by an author who had already surprised me. Today I tell you about:

L’Odissea di Alessandro

Yvan Argeadi

YA Publishing, 2020, 136 pages

ISBN: 978–8835386360

In 332 BC after conquering all Asia Minor by force, Alexander the Great arrived in Egypt, where despite his reputation as a destroyer he had built, he was welcomed as a liberator. As historical sources report, stopping in the land of the Pharaohs the young King embarked on a spiritual journey that forced him to face the demons of his past, an experience from which he emerged humanly changed. The true story of Alexander’s adventure in Egypt, and not only…

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reading time: May 15th, 2020 (read in the evening, after dinner)

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