Alessandro III di Macedonia on Medium! (Alessandro Magno, Alexander The Great)

I’m Elena Ragazzoni, I’m an Italian fan of Alexander The Great!

I’m a graduate in Philosophy and Communication. I always like to read and after opening a blog on book reviews and, even if I’m not a professional, I decided to open Alessandro III di Macedonia to give space for my great passion for Alexander the Great. From July 24th 2018 Alessandro III di Macedonia wants to be an ever expanding container for everything related to Alexander the Great, Philip II and Olympias, the Diadochi and Hellenism. I treat all the possible material: from books to archeology news; from academic to entertainment material; from novels to books for children; but also documentaries, art, exhibitions and events and much more. I look for material everywhere, often even contacting academics professors.

All my links are here:


Facebook Page: AlessandroIIIdiMacedonia

Instagram: alessandroiiidimacedonia

Pinterest: alessandroiiidimacedonia

Twitter: Alessandro_III_

Tumblr: alessandroiiidimacedonia

and from now Medium: Alessandro III di Macedonia -Alexander The Great

I hope you’ll like my work!




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